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About ME

I'm 15 years late in joining the blogging world but Stuff Nobody Reads is my attempt to reclaim my identity as a writer. I'm a PNW native, an introvert, a donut lover, a highly sensitive person, and an anxious overthinker. My wife and I live in the greater Portland area, not-so-slowly accumulating a menagerie of animals. I never say no to a good pun, love all things literary, and my dream is to channel my inner-Thoreau, buy property, and live life as a secluded writer.

The name Stuff Nobody Reads comes from my neighbor's reaction to the prospect of writing creative nonfiction. I adopted it with equal parts defiance (surely someone will read it) and agreement (thank you low self esteem). My posts are personal essays that explore mental health, identity, life with an animal lover, writing, education, and that awkward moment I just can't stop perseverating on. 

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